EBikes – Now there’s no excuse


I’ve been a cycle commuter for years, ever since I started employment. In fact I’ve gotten so used to pedalling my way to work, it’s actually a novelty to have to get the train or bus. I must seem like an excited kid on the bus, while everyone around me wears the blank expression that says I sit here every fucking weekday.

Now if only I could get my wife to cycle to work? She normally does pretty well on bike trails and mini bike rides at the weekend in a secret attempt by me to inspire a cycling epiphany, but still her main complaint is the hills in Sydney, to which I don’t really have an answer…until now.

Behold ……. the EBike!   oohhh aahhhh      hold on, what is it?


EBikes are basically cycles with a small motor and battery that kicks in when you pedal. You can go up to 25km/h assisted by the motor (above that you have to use 100% leggy power) and a you can travel at least  50km on a single charge. More than enough for commuting to work and back for most people.

And they are available now, lots of them! Before I read this article https://rideonmagazine.com.au/new-and-electric-ebikes-explained/ I had no idea that there will soon be more than 100 models of ebike available in Australia.

So why bother cycling to work instead of driving or getting the bus?

Well for one your no longer tied to someone else’s schedule, no hanging around for buses that show up late or missing the train as it pulls out the station, nope, you just hop on and off you toddle. Secondly you are building up your cardiovascular fitness and stamina without even thinking about going to the gym and you have to do it or you won’t get home – hows that for motivation? Thirdly you’re saving money, maybe $10 a day which adds up. Fourthly you’re doing your bit for the environment and finally my favourite – whizzing along on two wheels, leaning round the corners –  is like being a kid again – don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what it feels like to ride a bike!?

Ofcourse I can hear you saying, but what about the danger of being knocked off by an enraged nutter motorist?  My answer to this is simple – avoidance. You’ll be surprised how many cycle lanes and quiet backstreets you can find when you look, in fact Google Maps now has a bicycle option in it’s modes of transport chooser which highlights the quickest and safest cycle route from A to B. I usually find after some experimentation I find a route that cuts out most, if not all busy traffic roads.

So on yer bike, what excuse have you got? As my wife once said “I’m almost enjoying this”.

  1. Mr Money Moustache asks if EBikes are the “Gateway drug to Bike Commuting?”. He gives a great post on the options in the U.S.



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