Outsource Shopping


Ding Dong!!

Another parcel is plonked onto my doormap and I’m still in my dressing gown sipping a morning coffee 🙂

Why go shopping when you can get someone else to go for you? My toaster broker last week, but instead of making a special trip to the supermarket I hopped on ebay and ordered a new toaster with free delivery, this took about ten minutes. Why not just go shopping?

  • Time – making a trip to the supermarket is time consuming, its the commute, the parking the wandering round the isles, the queing, it’s a much more involved experience. Are any of these enjoyable or productive experiences? Hardly.
  • Expense – Not only have you got the travel expense the bigger problem is that you are now in the ‘Advertiser’s Lair’. How many other items would you notice on route to a percuring a toaster? “Reduced!”, “Two for One!” next to Big glowing TV’s. How many times have you gone for one thing and come back with a bag full? Did you really need the other stuff?

You could argue that at least you’re getting exercise while marching round the shopping centre, but wouldn’t it be much nicer to stroll through the park surrounded by trees, thinking of things that actually make you happy?

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